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A simple and easy way to protect your home.

Just because the top of your chimney is on the roof, doesn’t mean it should become out of sight, out of mind. Chimney caps are an inexpensive measure to offer safety, prevent damage and provide long-term protection for your heating appliance chimney.

Chimney Caps Protect Your Chimney and Your Family

Most chimney caps are designed to prevent rain from entering your chimney. If rain or snow do get in, rust can build up on your flue or chimney wall, leading to hazardous conditions that call for expensive repairs. It’s better to be proactive and prevent any precipitation from entering your chimney at all.

Chimney caps are essential, especially when it comes to your gas burner chimney. Without a proper cap, strong winds can blow dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide back into your house. Caps also prevent tree debris, leaves and branches from falling into your chimney and creating a dangerous blockage. Some chimney caps also include an animal guard to keep birds, squirrels and other small animals out of your chimney.

Guaranteed Home Improvement’s Chimney Caps

Guaranteed will inspect the chimney cap on your gas or oil burner and make sure that everything is ventilating properly. If your chimney cap is damaged, we can repair it. We have chimney caps in standard sizes but can also accommodate any sized chimney. Most of our caps come in stainless steel and can be ordered in a variety of colors to match your exterior home décor.

What Our Customers are Saying…

On Saturday, two of your employees, Eric & Ricky, came to my house to sweep the chimney and do a repair to the same. Both of these men were courteous and knowledgeable and very neat. They performed the job to my satisfaction and answered any question that I had and I felt very comfortable with them. I did not feel as though I had to be “on guard” as with some other people that have come into my house. I want you to know that because of my recent dealing with Guaranteed Chimney (putting the customer first making things right) and then sending me two their finest workers.

I would not have a problem telling a friend to use your company. I am glad that I used your company for this service. I have no regrets!! Eric & Ricky were “the icing on the cake” that helps to make a great company! Thank you again for all you did. It was a good experience for me!! I have told my co-workers what had happened and how you stepped forward to make things right and they all were extremely impressed by your actions. So am I.